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The Horse You Rode In On are:

Chuck DeBruyn: Lead Vocals

Jim Demaria: Drums

Joel Finn: Bass & backing vocals

Lance McVIckar: Guitar & backing vocals

and lead vocals on “Bombs”

Featuring “The Blowing Chunks” on horns.

Pete Bohovesky: Trumpet

John Rarrick: Trombone

Max Rarrick: Sax

Percussion on “Different Type”

George Rigney

Recorded at McVickar Productions Piermont NY

and Audio Paint studios nyc

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by

Lance McVickar

Mastering consultant Joe DeGiorgi

Headline Sound Irvington NY.


Special thanks to Jeff Rubin aka “geekmacdaddy” from Lance.

Jeff built an amp for me and gave me a batch of his hand made pedals

to use and experiment with. You can here them all over the cd.

You can purchase his pedals via the link below.


They rock dude!

For reckless fun check out Chuck DeBruyns and John Rarricks Podcast

“In No Particular Order” on itunes. Click on the button below to hear it.